Hans Schaler

UP CoFounder, Chief Rebates Officer

Hans brings a background of experience helping small business communities grow while saving more money. He is always UP to connect with founders and partners.

After graduating from the University of Denver in 2015, Hans jumped into the community and small-business development scene immediately. He honed his skills at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, specifically working as a fellow with the Colorado Space Coalition and Colorado Energy Coalition. Through these entities, he spent time researching startups and small businesses in and out of Colorado. His role was to meet with owners/founders, present findings to boards, and offer direction to bolster the small-business economy. From there, he began developing ideas for startups and consulting others on best practices in navigating the landscape. In 2020, Hans saw that while funding is the top priority for startups and small businesses, other solutions could be implemented to lengthen companies' runways, reducing churn and burn. Startup Rebates is one arm of that solution: aggregating the best deals available, through a completely free platform, all while giving cash back to its users.