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Startup Networx allows you to be on top of your fundraising process and gain visibility into where you stand in an investor's pipeline.

Start Fundraising with Ease

Finally, a unified platform for both founders and investors.

We created Startup Networx because we felt many aspects of fundraising are unfair. Until now, equity funding for startups happened in closed networks, and for a reason. Investors and founders didn’t have a common platform that streamlines their fundraising and dealflow management in one place. Startup Networx paves an easier way for your fundraising.

Pitch smarter, not harder

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Startup Networx is easy to use
Easy to use

No more filling in countless intake forms. Our platform allows you to create one pitch for all investors. Reaching investors is just a few clicks away.

Full transparency into the fundraising process
Full Transparency

Tired of getting ghosted? You shouldn't be left out of the loop when it comes to fundraising. With our platform, you can see where your pitch is at in investors' due diligence pipeline at all times.

Real-time tracking of your pitch
Real-time tracking

Get notified anytime investors move you through their pipeline or share your pitch with co-investors. Send investor updates and chat with them in real-time without managing everything through emails and spreadsheets.

Matching algorithm for finding investors
Matching algorithm

Our AI-powered matching algorithm analyzes investing history from millions of VC investments over the last 30 years for finding the best fit investors. Don't waste precious time chasing the wrong investors.

Publish blogs and thought leadership
Publish blogs

Share your previously published content on your profile so investors can locate it easily. Help them understand your thought process, leading to improved investment outcomes.

Curate your newsfeed
Curate your newsfeed

Choose from our categorized list of industry-wide topics to stay informed and up to date. Add them to your dashboard so you never miss moment.

How it Works

Find Compatible Investors

Get matches based on our AI-powered software, which has evaluated millions of transactions by VCs and can predict their next investment. Or you can use a direct link to pitch certain investors. (using their Twitter, LinkedIn, website or look for the “Pitch Me UP” link).

Submit Your Pitch

Upload your pitch and save one (yes, one!) form that you can share with any investor on Startup Networx. That’s months worth of pitches in minutes.


Our automated dashboard allows you to track progress with each investor, gain visibility into the fundraising process and monitor commitments in one place. No ghosting here!