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How to Find the Right VC and Angel Investors + Track Your Fundraising Progress in 2022

Our investor compatibility algorithm analyses over 1 million investments to provide you a list of 200-300 qualified investors

Tracking your fundraising progress just got easy.

Okay, let’s break down the current (and often soul crushing) fundraising process for founders.

You’ve pursued your dream, and you’ve worked tirelessly to bring that dream or idea into reality. Now, you have a little seedling that could grow into an actual company. You have the foundation. But you know the massive competitive advantage of having more capital lies just on the other side of a successful fundraising round.

Fundraising couldn't be so bad right? So you decide to give it a shot. And, you’ve decided you're going to raise enough so that you’ll never have to go through this process again. In your mind it's simple: you’ll fund your company’s growth into massive profitability.

But the thing about fundraising is it’s not rational, it’s rarely fair, and it’s certainly not fun. It’s about you and your ability to sell the story of your company.

Unpleasantries aside, you set out to find investors. First you ask your friends and your family, then you consider taking out a second mortgage.

If only you could find some VCs or Angels to fund you.

So you research, talk to founders, friends, anyone that can show you the path. You send hundreds of cold emails, ask your friends and founder colleagues to make warm intros, fill out countless intake forms, DM every VC you can find on twitter. You get lucky.

You rehearse tirelessly. And you pitch, over and over. You spend months pitching into a wave of rejections. Finally, you get a few investors interested, after a few great intro calls, only to get no followup... now what?

Phew. What a process.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what investors you spoke to were actually doing internally with your pitch?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track every investor you ever pitched all in one place, who committed and how much? Who wants to track you for the next round, who wants to be on your investor update list?

The answer is yes, obviously. So...we wanted to solve this problem because we know other founders and investors who have the same issues.

Investors are having a hard time tracking all their different pitches. The details are a lot to keep up with: was it a referral, a DM, contact form, scout, portco founder, another co-investor, etc. The process is tedious. Bigger VCs solve the issue with expensive CRMs, paying a fortune to only have to still manually input deals. While the small and micro funds patch together solutions using  notion, Gforms, Gsheets, airtables, typeforms all to blend into clunky shared sheets for their team. It’s understandable why investors seem to drop the ball on communication with all this information to manually track.

We built Startup Networx to solve all these problems for both founders and investors.

With this platform, founders can create a comprehensive pitch (that takes less than 10 minutes), which includes vital information about the company, and the best part is, founders only have to fill this in once (that’s right, no more endless intake questionnaires).
The platform is a completely secure environment. We are not a data company and will never sell any founder, company, or investor data to anyone.

After uploading your information it’s time to pitch. Let’s say you know an investor you’d like to reach. Simply search for the investor on the platform and pitch them. If you would like some help, we have an investor compatibility algorithm, which analyses over one million investments made by over 100,000 investors to provide a set of 200-300 qualified investors. This means they have invested in companies like yours.

In an effort to minimize spammers, we’ve introduced a credit system. You can use your credits to pitch investors. If you are a real person, email us anytime, we will add credits to your account for free.

Boom! With the click of a button, you can reach out to a wide network of qualified investors. Since investors are using the same platform to manage all their deals, if they move your opportunity to any stage of their diligence process, you will be notified, which can easily be tracked on your fundraising dashboard. There are many functional features such as in-app chats and investor updates.

What’s in it for the investor?

As an investor you get to consolidate and aggregate all sources of dealflow in one location, sharing your PitchmeUP link on Twitter, your website, Linkedin, your signatures on emails. This allows you to direct founders to pitch you in one place. You can also activate and cultivate your network by inviting your deal sourcing teams (venture partners, scouts, co-investor partners, partner funds, etc.) so everyone can share deals with you and you can choose to share deals with anyone in your network, with just one click. Founders will be notified if you shared a deal with someone, decided to pass on the deal, or decided to track or if you decided to move it down the due diligence funnel or if you committed. You can also chat with everyone in your network and the founders in one place, where you can keep track of every conversation.

What is the catch? There really is none. We offer the Basic plan for free forever for both founder and investors. Most may never need to upgrade, but we make our money through premium plans.

To quickly recap the benefits of Networx :

For Founders

  • You can pitch hundreds of investors all with a click of a button
  • You DON'T have to give up equity
  • Get real-time updates into where you are in the fundraising process and pipeline
  • Never get ghosted or lost in the shuffle
  • Save time to run your business, networx makes your fundraising fun or atleast easier.

For Investors

  • Networx allows you to master sourcing, gain insights
  • Levels up your deal communications, track potential deals for years
  • Activates and cultivates your Network
  • Saves time and improves outcomes

Abe Nadar

UP CEO and CoFounder

Abe brings his passion for building to UP; he is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in building products, fundraising and managing large teams.