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How to Extend Your Budget Runway with A Few Clicks

StartupRebates offers a solution to the problem of limited budgets for founders.

As a small business owner or founder, it can be difficult to keep costs low. And as difficult as that task may be, it’s usually a requirement to keep the startup going.

StartupRebates offers a solution to the problem of limited budgets for founders. StartupRebates gives you access to the latest technology solutions and services your business needs--for less--with trusted cash back offers.

Helpful tools

Oftentimes, the right tech stack is critical to the success of a business. A strong software program can help you cut costs, gain important insights, and outsource key tasks.

StartupRebates can show you a detailed list of businesses to help your own. The best part is, you earn cash back for each purchase you make.

No membership fees

StartupRebates is completely free! All you need to do is sign up, find the right vendor, and collect cashback rewards. Every penny matters. More money in your pocket can mean more money to reinvest into your company or give back to your employees. Because of the free access to Startup Rebates, there is no commitment needed, so no risk associated offers.

Trusted offers

I know what you’re thinking...not another spammy coupon site! But StartupRebates is different. We eliminate the time spent copying and pasting invalid promo codes. All offers on our site are 100% guaranteed, live and active for your immediate use.

Plus, vendors go through a meticulous vetting process to ensure that they are a trusted and reliable partner. In other words, we only provide discounts on the products and services we ourselves would want to use. You can rest assured knowing the research on the integrity of the vendor was already completed by StartupRebates. This gives you more time to focus on your business.

Earn Cash Back on All Purchases

An obvious benefit is the quarterly cash back payouts. This can add up quickly and allow you to have more capital directly deposited into your bank account. That extra cash could make all the difference, especially if you are a founder or small business.


When it comes to your startup or small business, costs matter. Looking for budget-friendly technology has never been easier with StartupRebates. As a founder or small business owner, you have many difficult business decisions to make. Don’t let overpaying for technology be one of them. Get started on Startup Rebates today.

Emily Ahrens

UP CoFounder - Chief Blogpost Officer

Emily brings marketing and strategy experience to the UP team. She strategizes the best ways to market the suite of UP products to founders and investors who can benefit.