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Founders: There’s Another Side to Funding Round Announcements That Startup Media Won’t Cover

This is a new type of content arm. One that thinks deeper than the shallow numbers that might mask the reality at hand.

The Untold Story of Startup News

What if I told you that startup news was misleading, or at the very least, incomplete? Gasp. Sorry to say so, but it’s true. The current startup ecosystem is a bit myopic in its perennial obsession with, and focus on, one thing and one thing alone: the story that fundraising numbers tell.

In short, the bite-size news world that we live in favors the ultra high level. And the easy way to see that high level is to follow the money. As a result, there’s so much that goes untold...a whole other side to funding round announcements.

Let’s first start with the current space of startup news. Sure, you might go to TechCrunch, or CrunchBase, perhaps even GeekWire; or maybe you lean toward the flagship outlikes like CNBC and Forbes.

Wherever you land, you’re bombarded with click-bait headlines: the glitz and glam...and the smell of money. In essence, you are given an overview of how the money is moving to and through businesses. Don’t get us wrong, it definitely provides real insight and is great for a bird’s eye view of industry updates. This is the content that fuels water-cooler collisions at work. But it seems to be missing the human element of the space, no?

Take CrunchBase for example. The news is diluted to the raise, valuation, a brief blurb about the company, and maybe a snippet about how the investor was a fit.

We are missing the thought process behind those decision makers and the behind the scene look at the parties involved--a more investigative and journalistic approach, if you will. Because (as you know) a company could have just closed millions in a series A while still being in the red and helmed by an uninspired, burnt-out founder.

So how can we build a more holistic approach to startup news? Can we build something that illuminates the insights behind the decisions, and colors humanity within each story, making the lessons more relatable?

Ta-da! Cue StartUp Blogposts and Sliced Podcasts.  

We built this content to fill a true gap in the market to tell the stories that founders and investors want to hear. We want to do this in an easily digestible way. One that doesn’t make founders feel alone, or that they are off-track, but that they have a tribe--and a community.

As founders and investors, this content also helps us get to know other founders and investors on a more intimate level. The beauty is, absorbing the founder struggles or investors’ shared knowledge might inspire us to reach out and connect with them, perhaps even lead us to landing on a powerful insight for our own projects. This is well within the realm of possibilities, especially if you can connect on such a personal level with the founders and investors in their stories.

This is a new type of content arm. One that thinks deeper than the shallow numbers that might mask the reality at hand. We are mission-obsessed: how can we create a place where founders and investors can glean insights while not feeling so alone. Afterall, when you read about the latest unicorn, you might question your startup’s worth--even if it’s in its infancy. But, if you hear about the failures that molded the founder,  or how another investor viewed this startup, or the imperfect path that led to a successful exit, you are going to be reminded that you too can accomplish the same. You won’t give up. You up the odds of your startup success, and that’s what we are all about.

Abe Nadar

UP CEO and CoFounder

Abe brings his passion for building to UP; he is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in building products, fundraising and managing large teams.