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A New, Unconventional Way to Attract Your Next Unicorn Investment

When you share your investment insights on StartUp Blogpost, you are giving these founders a chance to peek inside your mind

Let's find your next unicorn a little differently.

Founders often take shots in the dark without knowing what will happen, all the while getting ghosted and forgotten in the process by investors who were never a right fit for them in the first place. But what if founders knew what was happening behind the curtain?

It’s a wild concept, but what if being more of yourself, openly, led to your next big investment? We believe this is very possible with StartUp Blogpost, so hear us out.

At StartUp Blogpost, we are doing startup news differently. We showcase the journey (not just the fundraise) that led to a founder’s success. We dig deep into the mindset of renowned investors. We share the ups and downs and founder stories. We provide a space for relatable lessons to be exchanged and shared.

The glory here for the investors lies in the strong readership of founders. Founders want to know what investors think. Here you have a built-in pool of entrepreneurs ready to listen.

As an investor, when you share your story and investment insights on StartUp Blogpost, you give founders a chance to peek inside your mind. Many of them might resonate with your rationale or be moved by your messaging.

With this initial connection, they may start to pay closer attention to your investment strategy and they might even reach out with the next big pitch.

Opening up the opaque space of fundraising, sharing your insights, and connecting with a like-minded community can provide tremendous benefits.

So this is our call to you, the investors of the world: join Blogpost and share your story. You may just wind up finding your next unicorn.

Abe Nadar

UP CEO and CoFounder

Abe brings his passion for building to UP; he is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in building products, fundraising and managing large teams.