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10x Your Deal Inflow & Uncover More Unicorns With This New Tool

This is the best way to up your deal flow game in 2022.

The easiest tool to manage and source investments has arrived.

As an early stage investor, you have a very short window to source and identify the best startups investments in your deal flow pipeline, most investors even though have access to deals have a tough time keeping track of hundreds of opportunities in front of them. You hear stories where a multitude of veteran investors talk about missed opportunities, anti-portfolios and just letting some golden opportunities slip through their fingers. Just because they missed that small window of opportunity  

That fear of missing out on the next potential unicorn, your fund returner, keeps most VCs up at night. We are seeing some funds hiring an army of  associates,  or even outsourcing  the function of scouting out potential deals, or buying really expensive CRMs to manually enter every single deal they see, or small funds are building a hodgepodge of integrations with Airtables, Google sheets, typeforms to manage their deal flow processes,  but in reality, None of this is very scalable.  In fact, the increased complexity of some of these “new solutions” are leading to inefficiencies where partners and associates are spending countless(really expensive) hours doing data entry work and following sales process workflows instead of focusing on helping their portcos or finding their next unicorn.

We know the deal flow management is broken, it is broken because founders and investors don’t use the same platform, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if the deals were all sent to you in the same format(we are not talking about pitch decks, but the underlying information in those decks), wouldn’t it be easier, if every investor update for a startup you are tracking in all accessible in one place(instead of searching through your emails) wouldn’t it be easier to manage your dealflow partners, scouts, venture partners all in one place and actually track who sent which deal to you? Or if you are syndicating deals wouldn’t it be easier to share deals with your partners with one click instead of typing countless warm intro emails and making followup connections with Founders.

This isn’t a dream, all of this and more is possible with Startup Networx, which is built for You, it is not a CRM nor just an investor updates tool. It will streamline sourcing and deal making for you period.

We envisioned a place where investors could streamline dealmaking, and manage thousands of deals in one place securely(where we safeguard your proprietary deal flow, where deals/data is NOT on sale) , so we created Startup Networx.

Phew! It’s nice to know there’s an easier way.

And it’s not just an easier way for investors to manage and increase deal inflow, it’s also an easier platform for founders to pitch too. From a founder’s perspective, all you have to do is sign up, fill out an intake form, upload a pitch once, instead of filling countless intake forms, and sending cold emails to investors. (this feature alone increases the number of pitches sent by a founder by 10x)

Investors on the platform can be found through a search tool or by directly reaching the investor profile through the pitchmeup Link(very similar to a linkedIN profile link that you can place in your social media accounts, website, or in your email signature(if someone reaches out to you via email), it is absolutely free for founders to pitch you directly,  You can also source deals from your network, by inviting them to join your network (very similar to adding friends on Facebook), once added your network partners can share deals with you, and so can you with them, with the click of a button, you can also track how many deals your received from each of your dealflow partner and receive notifications on commitments on common deals between you and your network members.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t offer new deals or visibility into all the deals on our platform, we only activate YOUR deal sources and allow you to nurture them, while providing a great workflow tool that will keep your startup founders in the loop(so they don’t feel ghosted) and allow you to close the best deals in your pipeline.

The Upside with Networx is that you don’t have to sift through hundreds of cold emails anymore, you don’t have to consolidate the airtables, google sheets, Typeforms and CRMs. you can effortlessly find out exactly how many and which deals and at what stages they are in your pipeline, which ones are being tracked, and who is sending you those deals. Networx has in app private chat service that keeps track of all your conversation dealwise and allows you to keep data room access information in one place. The dealmaking workflow is managed through a kanban board, where each card contains company information and action button that allows you take a look at the company/pitch information  add notes (private, team (visible to your team), network(visible to you network) ) And move the deal through various processes, while keeping th founders well informed, without sending update emails.

This process improvement saves  countless hrs for the investors. It also simplifies and speeds up the fundraising process for  the founders allowing them to focus their energy in making the startup successful instead of worrying about fundraising all the time.We believe that Networx, like many of our products at UP, will reduce startup failures, and improve the outcomes for founders as well as improving IRRs for investors.

As investors, making yourself accessible to pitch and streamlining your internal processes means you’ll gain more visibility, receive more pitches, save time, activate your network and reduce oversight of opportunities that you would have never seen otherwise. In other words, you can up the odds of catching a unicorn that returns your fund. So, it’s obvious, the easiest way to increase your deal inflow in 2022 is by using  StartUp Networx.

After you join, you’ll be invited to create a Bio and upload information about you/ your fund. You can customize your newsfeed to populate with investing and startup news, if that tickles your fancy for the homepage. Or you can spend most of your time in the dashboard.

Once you’re in the dashboard, you can manage deal requests, giving founders a look into where you are at with the process.

The other great part about Networx is it means you’ll have a new community of like-minded people. New ideas. New projects. And none of the headaches.

Give it a try. You literally have nothing to lose considering it’s free! See you there and happy investing.

Abe Nadar

UP CEO and CoFounder

Abe brings his passion for building to UP; he is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in building products, fundraising and managing large teams.