The story behind Up

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What is UP? Glad you asked.

UP is dedicated to reducing the startup failure rate. We are a team of investors, storytellers and founders, coming together to reengineer the startup experience.

We noticed when working in the VC landscape that there was a serious problem with a lack of a streamlined approach to deal flow. This coincided with issues founders face in the opaque and confusing fundraising process. This led us to create Startup Neworx.

But we didn’t stop there. As storytellers, we wanted to highlight the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey--fed up with news centered only around funding. This led us to create Startup Blogpost

Lastly, as previous founders, we know how difficult it is to get deals on crucial sites that help scale a business. To combat this challenge, we launched Startup Rebates. We are proud it now has more founder-focused cash back deals than any other site.

This is our love song to founders and investors going through the painful, but necessary, process of starting and growing businesses. We hope these products help you along the way. We hope this UPs your odds of startup success.

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